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Sani Kneitinger - Candy Mountains


Painted in a chapter of life where she couldn't escape.

2020 bis 2022

"And suddenly there is a condition I must react to… by changing it or destroying it, there is no plan."
Sani Kneitinger

Kneitinger's series of artworks was painted in a special time. Planned exhibitions in London and New York such as requests from oversea and flights had to be cancelled due to Covid-19. Sani Kneitinger couldn't escape. "Not out of my mind either." The mountains she is seeing every day were like a hurdle she couldn't go across, she says. At the same time, the top of Germany (Zugspitze), Jubiläumsgrat and Alpspitze is the vastness, about freedom. Reminding us that life goes on. "It was absolutely ambivalent." by Magdalena Kratzer

Current exhibition in new art Salon FOUNDATION

Hear the roar of the silence.
Seeing the darkness of beauty.
Feel the hard of the lived.
Smell the sourness of bitterness.
Taste the sweetness of irony.
This is art."

Sani Kneitinger

Alpsexpressionism – „It is the expression of nature from my own vision.“

Sani Kneitinger


Sani Kneitinger

The mountains are shining in all colors; green, red, pink, blue and yellow. She is fascinated by the majesty, freedom, vastness of them. Sani Kneitinger was struck by it all .Her feelings wanted to escape her. Her new art series, CANDY MOUNTAINS, is painted in expressionistic colors; spontaneously, impetuously and bright using quick brushstrokes. Kneitinger is always looking for an increase in expression with unbroken color tones on the canvas. Her paintings are created in the moment. With the application of large areas of color the artist wants to engage the viewer and to be immersed in the images . Kneitinger's art acts as a kind of transmitter for one's own feelings, desires and longings. The artist works with pure intuition and only has the basic structure in mind. The mountains are majestic and the epitome of freedom. The beautiful panorama that she sees every day - over and over again - is also a hurdle that she cannot cross, a bittersweet ambivalence. The viewer sees the same mountain mass from different angles - different perspectives, yet they cannot see beyond. It is the colors - brightly colored and sugar-sweet - that tell of the vastness of the horizon. The artist's image of jumping the hurdle and longing for other places. The mountains reflect this but they also stand for the constant memory of the past, the revolving around one's own history. CANDY MOUNTAINS is the artist's homage to her home town Garmisch-Partenkirchen . But Kneitinger's expressionist paintings also tell of the possibilities that you can see from the top of the summit and endless expanse beyond.

Sani Kneitinger sells her CANDY MOUNTAINS all over the world mainly through her own marketing. Planned exhibitions in London and New York were canceled due to Corona-19. She had to cancel inquiries from overseas because of the virus. Sani Kneitinger couldn't get her thoughts out. She dealt a lot with herself and her family. Painting the same panorama over and over again. The mountains tell of freedom but at the same time they are a fence that the artist tries to jump over. An ambivalence that Kneitinger depicts with expressive colors in her paintings. She processes her experiences with form and color. Her CANDY MOUNTAINS series also symbolize confidence. It’s a familiar view outside of the local mountains where she lives. Scenes of the same panorama, an examination of what has been seen over and over again with color. Their ancestors and their homeland are always there. They merge in their art and in their colors, which are reminiscent of sweets, which spread confidence and optimism brightly colored,sugar-sweet and hopeful. Sani Kneitinger deliberately paints mountain pictures again and again thes same massif from different angles, directions and perspectives. Maybe to perfect herself but also to set counter-currents to the zeitgeist. A time of NFT (Non-Fungible Token = certificates of authenticity for a digital work of art) or digital artworks. In which real impressions are only staged through Instagram - preferably with yourself in the picture. The artist also uses these possibilities, stages an Instagram view with herself as an artist. In the gray Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It could also be a pleasure to see a brightly colored mountain massif in the studio - without a window to the outside.
by Magdalena Kratzer

Sani Kneitinger - Alpsimpressionism

„It’s the adventure in my mind that appeals to me and that excites me.“

Sani Kneitinger

Solo exhibition 26.06 - 15.08.2021 "CANDY MOUNTAINS"

in new art Salon FOUNDATION

„The world suddenly looks different from the inside. However, the outer world always remains the same.“

Sani Kneitinger

„It is the expression of height and depth.“

Sani Kneitinger